Our Cemetery

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Our Cemetery Offers

  • Traditional In-Ground Burial
  • Cremation Burial
  • Lawn Crypts
  • Mausoleum

We are dedicated to further expanding the cemetery's elegance, charm, and sophistication.

a sign on the side of a road

Our History

Valhalla Cemetery, 839 Wilkes Road, was built by brothers Jess and George Edwards in the early 1900s.

The Edwards family came from Brighton, England, and founded the city of Brighton, Alabama and built that city's first church. Jess went to preparatory school in New York and was a pharmacist and legislator. In the course of his travels, he was impressed by Valhalla Cemetery in St. Louis, Missouri and built Valhalla Cemetery as an exact duplicate of the St. Louis Valhalla Cemetery.

The cemetery office was built in 1927 for $30,000: an extravagant price for that era. When Jess died, the cemetery went to nephew Harry Edwards, and when Harry retired he brought in his son, Jesse, along with Jesse's wife, to run the cemetery. Jesse and his wife, Channon, continued to improve the cemetery, building a funeral home next to the cemetery in 1992.

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